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If I hadn't been used to watching afternoon TV talk shows when business was slow, all those programs featuring husbands-who-cheat-with-their-wives'-mothers and transvestite-dentists-who-have-been-abducted-by-aliens, then sure as hell the sight of a talking bruin would have crumpled me like an old paper cup. But even being a couch potato in the nineties and facing up to what's creeping around on our city streets is enough to make you tougher than Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe combined.
nose in the air, and call it independence, if you like. That's not
'I told them in the stable to be ready for us ten minutes ago,' said Mr
Yet for all his love of reading and of music, events suggested that for mathematics he had a still greater aptitude.
After a short consideration, Sir Thomas asked Crawford to join the
my word, and speak very kindly. Of course you know,' he added, after a
'Our clerk,' said Mr Jonas, as host and master of the ceremonies: 'Old
succeeded interview; words engendered words, as they always do; and the
"Now, my dear Barry," he remonstrated, "be calm--"
will oftentimes be found that sentiments which have nothing in them make
one, but the twilight of a day in March, when the wind howled dismally
might accomplish in it. There is a broad sketch of the subject which
"Once!" nodded Barnabas.
chewing gum after a long and stormy war, had made a bonfire of the
Installation Banquet, she suffered him to wander to and fro among the
'Nobody sent me,' was his sullen answer. 'I came of my own accord.'
house as in the big one. It's a great mistake for young girls like
“Cancer,” she whispered, and superstitiously reproached herself for speaking the word aloud, as though thereby she'd given power to the malignancy and ensured its existence.
'No, but upon my word, sir--' urged Pinch.
said something to Mrs. March in a corner, which made the latter
Hillman had an old purple Valiant with badly rusted rocker panels. He looked up, driver's-side door open, as Dugan loomed over him.
search among my papers. I have taken a few notes in my poor way, of some
his old corner by the fireside, that Anthony was in the attitude of a
Gardener looked cautiously toward Anne, afraid of those blazing eyes. But there was nothing to be afraid of. She only floated, head bent forward as if in deep thought, her hair trailing upward.
on holidays, and Sundays out,--was an old-fashioned, thin-faced,
mair; and troth, I think, I am gaun to sleep."
Truly Mr Pecksniff is blessed in his children--in one of them, at any
conversation of the busy gentlemen, who now lounged about the stove as
the alternations of hope, despair, and resignation, which were
the ubiquitous Fred, who kept Beth in constant terror by his pranks.
“And leave my town? Ev, I can't.”
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