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To become a physical therapist, Junior had taken more than massage classes, so he knew what hematemesis meant. Hematemesis: vomiting of blood.
The central notion of the third basic part of the language of chemistry is species of complex
A speeding truck passed, stirring the fog, and the white broth churned past the car windows, a disorienting swirl.
'Why, it's nearly out, I declare! No wonder I dreamed of being frozen.
The boy fell and rolled even as he pitched the can, anticipating the shots that Cain fired, which cracked into the doorframe inches from Tom's knees.
that he had time to touch but slightly on the dangers of chambering,
through waur snappers than a' this, and there's no a cleverer agent than
"Ay, ay, Joe?"
the same messenger in all haste for Mr Pecksniff, as a learned man
two columns, d' ye see, sir--we was in Nelson's column, the weather
"I may, perhaps, get as far as Banbury to-day."
his pensive mood hard at the footman, as if he meant him, 'has shed
"Well done, sister! I honour your _esprit_ _du_ _corps_. When I am a
shut up in the tin kitchen till called for, and the latter
'It's a speaking likeness!' cried the two Miss Pecksniffs.
Price would be so good as to _read_ the part." She was immediately
“I guess I did."
While Bobbi Anderson was tracing a titanic shape with a compass and thinking the unthinkable with a brain more numbed with exhaustion than she knew, Jim Gardener was doing the only work he seemed capable of these days. This time he was doing it in Boston. The poetry reading on June 25th was at BU. That went all right. The 26th was an off-day. It was also the day that Gardener stumbled—only stumble didn't really describe what happened, unfortunately. It was no minor matter like snagging your foot under a root while you were walking in the woods. It was a fall that he took, one long fucking fall, like taking a no-expenses-paid bone-smasher of a tumble down a long flight of stairs. Stairs? Shit, he had almost fallen off the face of the earth.
Also, he realized, the name of a novel. A novel by a poet. James Dickey. A novel about city men who had to get slugged, mugged, and buggered before discovering they were good ole boys after all. But there was a line in that book... one of the men looking at one of the others and telling him calmly, “Machines are gonna fail, Lewis.”
subject of hiding books in this manner." Sharpe replies that the
'Oh yes,' replied the guest. 'Oh certainly. Let him do it by all means.
'Well, my dear madam!' said Mr Pecksniff. 'Be that as it may, here we
'I would,' she answered, struggling to free herself again. 'I will.
devotion to their cause. Whether this disposition arose out of his old
Laird's time was not so pleasantly filled up as it had been. There was no
went over to the big house.
Mr Haredale closed the window, and withdrew. He presently appeared at
"Eh--an hour? But, my dear fellow, you came to see her--over the wall,
"Because--well, because he--is Carnaby, I suppose," the Captain
it's a merrycle I didn't roast the pudding, and stuff the turkey
partially agreeable, or at all productive of anything useful with
Mr. Davis, feeling that any man possessing a human heart would relent
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