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tightly clasped upon the elbows of the chair, his eyes dilated with
Such elegance of manner, so many graces of deportment, such powers of
sure, and--"
willing to examine some of the corallines. I see it is quite unreasonable
"Eh? my dear fellow!"
fly over the fence with an approving smile.
badly that we resolved to live in the country, which we both preferred and
for a moment expecting to be invited on; but when she saw there was no
no reason to expect so great an evil. We shall probably see much to

parish has wants and claims which can be known only by a clergyman
She had awakened feeling as nervous and randy-dandy as a thoroughbred dancing her way into the starting gate. But somewhere, in the last fifteen or twenty miles before she reached the Haven town line—the land around her nearly empty, dreamingly ripe in the breathless summer heat-hush—that fine feeling of anticipation and wire-thin nervy readiness had bled away. Her head began to ache. At first it was just a minor throb, but it quickly escalated into the familiar pounding of one of her near-migraines.
double the sum."
Sparky wasn't a bad guy, not easily bought, and if he'd been asked to sell out any tenant other than Cain, he probably wouldn't have done so at any price. He greatly disliked Cain, however, and considered him to be “as strange and creepy as a syphilitic monkey."
"You didn't wreck your car?" she called after him.
"I wish I could convince Miss Crawford too."
conscience of the Laird, reparation of the injuries he had done to these
A score of finished jack-o'-lanterns were propped atop mounds of other pumpkins. This artist did not merely hack crude eye holes and mouths. He carefully cut the skin and the rind of the squash in layers, producing features with great definition and surprising subtlety. He also used paint to give each creation its own demonic personality: Four cans, each containing a brush, stood on the ground beside his chair—red, white, green, and black.
night; save once, when a cup of tea was given him, in which he was seen
Cambridge, Red Lion [September 2], 1831.
"God can do anything."
This brilliant mouthful was not nature's work alone. With what Nolly must have spent to obtain this smile, some fortunate dentist had kept a mistress in jewelry through her most nubile years.
hear on the coast of South America. My few sentences, however, are merely
accusation, and could not even find words to justify herself from the
Judging by the smeariness of the letters and by the fact that some had run before they dried, the writing instrument hadn't been a felt-tip marker, as Vanadium first thought. A spattering of red droplets on the closed lid of the toilet and across the beige marble floor, all dry now, gave rise to a suspicion.
He looked around. The old man, floating in his green bath, was looking back at Gardener with his one good eye. That gaze was tortured... but sane.
everywhere met his view, and was seriously considering the
"Now, gentlemen, I want you to go and do your duty by the
Nobody was at the trouble of an answer; the others soon returned; and
button of his coat, counting downwards from the chin, and pouring his
natural in her situation, she was disturbed by the opening of the jarring
poor Mr. Rushworth could seldom get anybody to rehearse with him: _his_
As he said cards, the magician turned a knowing look toward Edom, eliciting from him a responding frown of puzzlement.
or do anything?" asked Laurie, who never had been reconciled to the
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