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Most were city people who had no business in the woods to start with, but that wasn't always the case. Veteran hunters said compasses worked poorly or not at all in Big Injun Woods. Ev's dad said he guessed there must be a helluva chunk of magnetic rock buried somewhere out there, and it foozled a compass needle to hell and gone. The difference between city folks and those who were veterans of the woods was that the city folks learned how to read a compass out of a book and then put all their trust in it. So when it packed up and said east was north and west was east or just spun around and around like a milk bottle in a kissing game, they were like men stuck in the shithouse with diarrhoea and no corncobs. Wiser men just cursed their compasses, put them away, and tried another of the half-dozen ways there were of finding a direction. Lacking all else, you looked for a stream to lead you out. Sooner or later, if you held a straight course, you'd either hit a road or a set of CMP power pylons.
and of which _she_ was almost always reminded by a something of the
of appliances. And his untiring industry in the dissection of marine
She didn't really have to tell him; she only had to think it at him. If they didn't find David quickly, she would begin making calls. There would be a much larger search party—men with lights and bullhorns moving through the woods. If David wasn't found by morning, she would call Orval Davidson up in Unity and have him bring his bloodhounds. This was a familiar enough procedure to most of them. They knew about search parties, and most had been on them before; they were common enough during hunting season, when the woods filled up with out-of-staters carrying their heavy-caliber weapons and wearing their new orange flannel duds from L. L. Bean's. Usually these lost were found alive, suffering from nothing but mild exposure and severe embarrassment.
through, through, through. I could write the whole sheet full with this
doubly enjoyed again in the evening discussion. A successful scheme of
insomuch that any one of them might have changed minds with the other,
What rat was smart enough ... ?
The rain that contributed to the death of the boy's father had stopped falling during the night. The morning sky remained iron-dark, plated with knurled clouds, like one giant thumbscrew turned down tight upon the world, but until Agnes spoke, the heavens had been for some time as silent as iron unstruck.
his children can hardly, I believe, realise the extent of his habitual
Speaking of bosoms, everywhere in the loft were braless girls in sweaters and miniskirts, braless girls in T-shirts and miniskirts, braless girls in silk-lined rawhide vests and jeans, braless girls in tie-dyed sash tops, with bared midriffs, and calypso pants. Lots of guys moved through the crowd, too, but Junior barely noticed them.
flowers, he would often laugh at the dingy high-art colours, and contrast
duty to discharge, from which, depend upon it, I shall not shrink. No,
seemed popular, but there was very little enthusiasm; so little that I can
"D--n!" muttered the man; and, turning aside from her, he uncocked the
all. You can't go, Amy, so don't be a baby and whine about it."
* [Robert Fergusson, the Scottish Poet, born 1750, died 1774.]
"Right as my glove, Mr. Pattieson," added Mr. Hardie; "and a close heart,
colored soaps to match the different colored rooms, and Beth's
If there had been footsteps, they had fallen silent the moment Junior froze to listen for them. Even over the hard drumming of his heart, he would have heard any noise. The pillowy fog seemed to smother sound in the alleyway more effectively than ever.
Grace said, “To my sweet Phimie ... who will never die."
He turned to the obituary page again. Ruth's clear eyes looked up at him from one of those strange newsprint pictures that are nothing but densely packed dots. Her eyes, so clear and straightforward and beautiful, looked calmly back at him. Ev guessed that there had been at least five and maybe as many as a dozen men in Haven who had been in love with her, and she had never even known it. Her eyes seemed to deny the very idea of death, to declare it ridiculous. But dead she was.
'Come,' he said, 'tell me who is it? Being here, it is not very hard for
the middle is a large table, on which we two sleep in hammocks. But for
“Poker.” Keeping his hands high, like a penitent confessing sin at a revival meeting and asking God to wash him clean, Obadiah said, “My specialty was close-up magic. Oh, I pulled a rabbit out of a hat more than once, silk scarves from thin air, doves from silk scarves. But close was my love. Coins, but mostly ... cards."
plates or descriptions, hardly any of the British sessile cirripedes. I
"I may here add a few pages about my father, who was in many ways a
This consequence of rape, the baby, was less baby to Celestina than cancer, a malignancy excised rather than a life delivered. She had been no more impelled to study the child than she would have been, charmed to examine the glistening gnarls and oozing convolutions of a freshly plucked tumor. Consequently, she could remember nothing of its squinched face.
thing's heart up for a wee while; and let sorrow come when sorrow maun."
a minute she stared at it as if it had been a snake, then she read
"The error is plain enough," said the less courteous Edmund; "such
when they had been last together; much less could her feelings acquit
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