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their busy, lively ways made him ashamed of the indolent life he led.
A fine carpenter can wield a hammer with an economy of movement and accuracy as elegant as the motions of a symphony conductor with a baton. A cop directing traffic can make a rough ballet out of the work. However, of all the humble tasks that men and women can transform into visual poetry by the application of athletic agility and grace, clambering into a Dumpster holds the least promise of beautification.
“And you've got a big imagination."
-- reminds me of Buckle whom I once met at Hensleigh Wedgwood's. I was
not. I shall drop it or smash it, as sure as fate."
"No. The bamboo was an obstacle. The Cong tunnels ran a lot deeper than that, a lot farther. We hadn't even reached the weapons cache. The villagers were assisting the Vietcong, collaborating with them, obstructing us."
“Now?” he asked.
and neighbourhood seemed to authorise, and no oftener. There was another
events. It may be necessary to say a word about this person, and the
hold of, when so much is lost.'
When letters were finished, about three in the afternoon, he rested in his
She was halfway down the aisle, as she had been the first time. She turned, as before. Her face was slick with sweat. Like a ceramic glaze. Glistening with candlelight. The face of a saint. A martyr.
The gunshot was louder-and the pain initially less-than he expected. Timpani-boom, timpani-boom, the explosion echoed back and forth through the high-ceilinged apartment.
words, 'Let us be at home on Saturday, dear pa,' were actually upon
Because he hadn't heard Victoria Bressler speak in so long-and then only on two occasions-and because the woman on the phone had spoken so softly, Junior couldn't tell whether or not their voices were one and the same.

now said "It is generally believed that my dear old friend Lady Cork has
Mr Tappertit, nothing loath, began again; and so the three went
at work upon these cottages and alehouses, inside and out; but pray let
The news was as disagreeable to Fanny as it had been unexpected. She
poor an argument this is. The safest conclusion seems to me that the whole
'Very miserable,' said Martin, with a peevish groan. 'Ugh. This is
His behavior appalled him.
him, applied them to his ear again, again drew back, and finally
found it impossible to perceive small differences in pronunciation.
any I can boast of, and therefore I shall go and sit upstairs and look
in like an elephant in silk and lace.
Remember it, and try with heart and soul to master this quick
Gently, he turned her onto her stomach and worked his hands along her back, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, finishing what he had begun. He traced her spinal cord, massaged her scalp, blanked from his mind all appreciation of her form, the better to let the power seep out of him and into her.
and bought it for her mother. She lugged it home, cut
His arm responded shakily. His hand clenched into a fist, then sprang open, then reached out. His trembling fingers touched the walnut stock of the Remington.
The girl's breathing had grown shallower and less rhythmic. Her face was gray, and drops of perspiration were strung like bright beads across her forehead. Standing over her, Ollie realized that she was dying, and he was frightened.
had been wont on better days to play, on this joyous occasion, the lively
I'd promised not to tell, and of course I wasn't going to break
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