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'You are a specious fellow,' returned Sir John, fixing his eyes upon
that if I don't emigrate to America in that case, in the beastliest old
He was a pretty good detective, but as regarded the minutiae of daily fife, he wasn't as organized as he would like to be. He never remembered to set aside his holey socks for darning; and once he had worn a hat with a bullet hole in it for nearly a year before he'd at last thought to buy a new one.
moment of such peculiar proof and importance, was worth ages of doubt
Maria, after a single sip of Chardonnay, fled to the kitchen, ostensibly to check on the apricot flan that she'd brought, but in reality to press a cool and slightly damp dishtowel against her eyes.
"John Peterby, speak out--what is troubling you?"
So saying, the speaker flung up his long arms, and with his gaze
branch, Barnabas sat himself down with his back to the tree, and
or education of my mind; I was led to attend closely to several branches of
picking my pocket, Been with me ever since, and I wouldn't part with
since the Revolution, and particularly in the reign of "the late woman"
upon herself, she usually recovered her accustomed manner before the
of excitement at the idea of having company, and flew about to get
"at this want of an Anhalt. Amelia deserves no better. Such a forward
Too close, those sirens.
Oh, how could I say it!"
the trio sat very silent, so that the scratch of Sir Mortimer's pencil
particularly detested the odor of the fashionable pickle, and disgust
Protestant fellows in the world, give our worst wishes to the Roman
'A powerful fellow indeed!'
Not the sort of thinking one would usually suspect in a woman who wanted to kill you—but that look was still in Bobbi's eyes, and the feel of it colored all of Bobbi's thoughts.
strike me as quite a good comparison; in his ease and naturalness there was
by its contemptuous rejection.
To Frank's left was a twenty-foot-high wall of metal shelving filled with thousands of small boxes. To his right were large wooden crates stacked in rows, towering thirty feet overhead, extending half the length of the building, alternating with avenues wide enough to admit forklifts.
do not think schools are so wicked as they were, and far more industrious.
(Source: RDS Form F-20)
"Ay, ay, my Lord, from his Honor the Cap'n."
righteous motive, and though it cost me such an effort as haply few men
of it," said he, in a much brisker tone, and throwing down the
"What virtues do you most admire in a man?" asked Sallie.
correspondence with her aunt Bertram was her only concern of higher
name? Or a nurse, so I could be near him and help him," exclaimed
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