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active bustle in his companion, and would certainly have detected more
valise, I should like to know?"
But it was late, Gardener's drunken but eloquent rebuttal had blown up like a pocket thunderstorm... and now his wife was acting as though he might be the Butcher of Riga.
terminated thus fatally; and that now he had become his destroyer a
At the wet bar, Louise stood with her right hip cocked, mixing her drink.
high-pitched, imperious.
arguments as those which can perhaps be deduced from similar rudimentary
answered, "I don't know," so softly that John had to stoop down
it as far as I know how. I can't explain exactly, but I want to
and absurd, and the scenes that I made up out of my own silly head
over. Tom's extreme impatience to be removed to Mansfield, and
faded, and an ancient dragon he was; and many a wintry storm of rain,
"Door, sir, yessir--oh, certainly, sir!" said he, and stalked out of
hand was laid upon her arm, Edward felt himself thrust away, and Mr
yet lovely remnant, which abode in the clifts of the rocks."
coachman as ever sat on a box."
He backed away from it, heading around the room toward the short hall that led to the bedroom.
In the closed space of Bobbi's shed, the light began to cycle up again.
sauntered, sneered, and laughed, as in the pit of the theatre; while
beheld a traveller of goodly promise, checking his bridle at the Maypole
but a better spirit had come over her, and presently a chance
THE CRISP CRACKLE of faux flames, the way they made them in the days of radio dramas, back in the 1930s and '40s, when he was a boy: cellophane.
so habituated to a belief in descent, and therefore in divergence, that we
"In a fashionable quarter, and furnished, if possible."
"What shall we do with the drunken sailor,
Drs. Grant and Coldstream attended much to marine Zoology, and I often
The face looking back from the mirror wasn't as bad as he had feared, but he noted with some dismay that his nose had bled again in the night—not a lot, but enough to have covered his philtrum and most of his upper lip. He got a facecloth out of the cupboard to the right of the sink and turned on the hot water to wet it down.
longed for her cats, but would not have them brought, lest they
upper windows. One of them chanced to be thrown open at the moment,
eager to be gone, for the home nest was growing too narrow
The kid gestured with his thumb and Gardener saw the roller coaster silhouetted against the sky. Gard's first thought was that he had somehow managed to roister all the way north to Old Orchard Beach before collapsing. A second look changed his mind. No pier.
"You shall be sent safely home--no man shall touch a hair of your
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